You are short? Who cares? You still look awesome

5 Mar

To begin, I am short, 1m54. Everytime when I walk on the street, I often look for someone shorter than me to make me feel better, but truth to be told, I hardly find many. Looking at my fellow girl friends with legs extending to a mile, I am really jealous. I was obsessed with growing taller, and long legs (and I still am 😦 ) . I tried to exercise and everything but there seemed to be no result. However, one day when I went shopping, I tried on a pair of high heels, and wore a pair of shorts, I realised my legs did not look so short in those heels. Then it hit me there are actually a few tips to make me look taller, and feel better about myself.

Here’s a few tips I learn overtime.

1. Heels
Frankly speaking, I am not good with high heels but they are the best weapon for short people like me. They make you actually taller. Standing next to someone 1m70, with 4-5 inch high heels, I don’t look so short to them. However, of course, you have to mix and match suitable outfits to accentuate your legs.
Since I am not good with high heels, I prefer chunky heels to help me more stable

I’ll try to practice with more different types of high heels though because there are so many cute and pretty ones such as these.

2. Straight pants or skinny jeans
Straight pants accentuate and elongate your legs. If you are skinny, make use of skinny jeans. They not only elongate your legs but also accentuate the slenderness of your leg. I always use this tip. I have small legs, therefore, skinny jeans are my best friends. If you have kinda big legs, don’t worry, straight pants will do the trick. Straight pants make your legs look taller and cover the unflattering part of your legs. However, remember, don’t wear crop pants, they make your legs look shorter, wear pants that cover your ankles, they give you a few extra inches to your legs, especially, if you wear heels, that’s a lot of extra inches.
Also, try high-waisted pants, they also give you extra inches to your look. With high-waisted straight pants and crop shirts, you look as good as a model.

3. High-waisted shorts or skirts
Like I said before, high-waited items give you extra inches to your look. Shorts and skirts above your knees show off the attractive part of your leg. Usually, the fat part concentrates on the upper part of your leg, hence let’s wear skirts or shorts to flatter your leg.

If you have skinny legs, it is an easier job because a pair of short denim shorts like above work great for you. However, if you are a little bit plump, you have to work a little bit more in choosing colour and length of your shorts to make your legs slimmer. Try solid dark colour shorts, and don’t use too short shorts because they will expose the fat part of your leg which is not good. I will choose something like these.

Skirts or dresses have the same rule as well. Remember the length should be always above knee. Hence, a big no no for mini-skirt because they expose only the part from knee downward which is already very short. This is not what we want, right?

4. Choose clothes and accessories that fit you well
Since we are already petite, loose clothes and oversized accessories such as oversized bags accentuate the smallness of your body. Clutch is good for us.

Avoid bulky outfits, and go for solid colour clothes. If you like pattern, look for strong vertical line pattern because it gives the illusion of height.

Hope that these tips are useful to you guys! 🙂
If you guys have any other tips, you can comment below so that I can add in. Thanks a lot. 🙂

P/S: These items are from Amazon. You can click in the pics to go to the amazon store to check out their price, review and many other items. There are always promotion in Amazon, so the price will be usually cheaper.
Have fun shopping! 🙂

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