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owl owl owl!!!

10 Apr

While I browse through Amazon store, I found this intriguing collection of owl necklaces and I thought, hey! how about something tribal and authentic?;). They are also amazingly cheap. Here are the two best looking ones to me.

This earth spirit necklace is rated 3.5/5 according to customers’ reviews. Personally, I think the design of the owl really catches my attention. It’s simple yet unique.

This beautiful vintage, retro, colourful crystal owl pendant is way too cute to resist. That’s why this is best-selling product in Amazon. The turquoise big eyes of the owl remind me of a cutie little baby. The colourful design brightens your outfit. I am hooked!
Seriously, even though at first I thought the earth spirit necklace was cool, I have to admit this vintage owl owns it.

Do you guys think so? Let’s make your own comparison :). And seriously, it’s incredibly cheap. Check out my astore or simply click in the pics to find out more other designs. 🙂