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The world of flats

10 Apr

These are the pairs of shoes I personally like in Amazon store. What do you guys think? Today is a cold day in Hanoi, Vietnam, that’s why being curled up in a blanket looking at these shoes is such a guilty pleasure ;). Which one should I choose, hmm? By the way, you guys can check out more info: reviews, price, other colours, whatever you need by clicking to the pics. They will lead you straight to my astore.:)
Online window shopping is fun, isn’t it? 😉

Punk Princess

7 Mar

Who says princess can’t be naughty!? 😉

P/s: Item is from amazon, you know the drill 🙂

Be unique!

5 Mar

At first, I was bored of those stiletto pump high heels because I looked at them too much, but not until I came across these pair. The black trim and the combination of orange and black give them the feel of difference and uniqueness. They keep my eyes fixed on them for a long time while I window-shopped all the shoes in Amazon.
They are unique

Footwear fashion trends 2013

4 Mar

1. Metallic

2. Chunky heel

3.Transparent heel/strap

4.Men’s style shoes

5.Architectural shoes

6. Eye-catchy heel


7.Square kitten heel

8. Pointed heel

9. Decorated wedge platform

10.Strap-y boots

11. Reptile skin

12. Prints

They all look pretty, don’t they? 😉
These trends are updated from other fashion website that I collected.
Hope that you guys have fun scroll through this. 🙂

P/S: These items are not linked to my shoes store but you guys can search these items or similar ones in my shoes store.

They fit whatever you wear

4 Mar

These multi-colour lace-up oxford shoes can go with almost every outfit, be it boyish or girlish style, be it a dress, or low-cut skinny jeans. They make you outstanding as much as your outfit.

Simple but classic

4 Mar

Simplicity shows your hidden beauty

Hello, summer!!

4 Mar

With sunshine, beach, and these shoes I feel a little bit of summer touching me